Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guest Room

I've been slowly working on the guest bedroom. Amber picked out the wall color. The photos don't show it very well. It's a blue with green undertones. It matches the flowers in the curtains perfectly (in real life). It is the most relaxing wall color I've ever experienced. The bed and lamp are from Pier One, my sister in law glued the beads on the lamp shade bottom. I made the curtains and pillows. I sewed the bead trim so that the ribbon would show because I wanted to accent the beads. It is one of those projects that I can do something with whenever I feel the urge. Mmm, maybe I ought to change out the light switch (o:

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Saturday, February 9, 2008


E and S love going to Yard Sales (ever since we found a set of Star Wars figures). So, yesterday we stopped by one. They had lots of books! I love books. We picked out a big stack. I picked out some old ones- just because I love old ones. There is something about the innocence of the illustrations and the text that makes me happy. The oldest one I purchased was published in 1937. From what I could tell the Golden books were from around 1967 (my birth year). They were 50 cents a piece. To top it off when we left the woman holding the sale had enjoyed visiting with the children so much that she sent them home with a bag of pirate dress ups.

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