Monday, November 30, 2009

Make a Nursing Cover

Did you have a delightful holiday?! We had time for some crafting amidst all of the eating, playing games, eating, football and more eating. This little adorable grandbaby is here for a visit and I'm in snuggily, huggable heaven!!

One of the things we crafted was this nursing cover. In the picture my daughter has pushed the cover over to the side to be more comfortable. Of course, you can use it hanging straight down, evenly over your body.

This is super easy to make!!! You'll need mitten/suspender clips that can be found at your fabric store or online at They look like this and are very handy!!

Now to get on to business. You'll need:

1 baby blanket
2 mitten/suspender clips, size 1"
1 piece of ribbon 24" long

Test out the ribbon length by safety pinning the clips onto the ribbon- try out your nursing cover a few times, and adjust the ribbon length as needed. Sew clips onto the ribbon and .... you're all done!

If you want to make your own baby blanket you'll need:

2 pieces of fabric 40" x 26" (the fabric I used was from Hobby Lobby)
1 piece of very light batting the same size
2 mitten/suspender clips, size 1"
1 piece of ribbon 24" long (I used grosgrain)

Place your fabric with right sides together.
Place thin batting on top of the fabric.
Sew around the rectangle leaving a six inch opening on one side.
Clip corners and seam allowances about every six inches.

This picture shows the blanket with the cream batting on top. It is ready to turn right side out.

Turn your blanket right side out.
Sew 1/4" seam top stitching around the entire rectangle- making sure to catch the edges of the six inch opening.

Fold ribbon ends under once and attach to mitten clip (test out the ribbon length as mentioned above).

Quick and easy. My daughter opted against the traditional boning used to hold the top of a nursing cover open as she wanted something that would lay flat against her.

You can remove the clipped on ribbon at anytime and you'll have another baby blanket (I'd suggest removing the clipped on ribbon to prevent any type of choking hazard).

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Enjoy the Day

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so very blessed. Today is the perfect time to say a special prayer thanking God for the bounteous blessings He gives to me.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

More Dollar Tree Candles

Two more versions of the Dollar tree candles. These are obviously for Christmas. One vase is filled with jingle bells and the other with hard candy. I found the hard candy and large jingle bells at Dollar Tree too.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Make a Glittery Ornament

You make this the same way as the previously posted flocked ornament.

Get out your Avery sticker paper and cut out the shape you want to use.

Spread an even layer of glue on the paper side.

Sprinkle on the glitter (I used a course glitter and it didn't work that well. I would highly recommend a fine glitter like the ones Martha Stewart sells).

Let dry thoroughly.

Carefully peel off the sticker backing and firmly stick into place on your ornament.

Bah-DAh-Bing- there it is- a lovely, sparkly, ornament for your going- to- be-oh-so- glamorous Christmas tree!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joy To The World Christmas Decoration

This nifty homemade sign will find a home near my nativity scenes this Christmas. Thanks to the new store in town....

Yes, Yippee and a Happy dance! I have found a habitat for humanity restore in my town. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that store. I was so tempted to buy a gazillion cabinet doors. They are solid wood, with gorgeous trims and only 5$. They just need a little paint and they are ready to hang on your wall. You know, so many ideas- so little time!

I picked out an old cabinet door that looked a bit like this-sorry I forgot to take the before picture. Oops. The one that I picked out had been used and brought in to recycle (so mine only cost $3 and had some character-dings and old paint).

If you want to try your hand at this project here is what you do:

First, spray paint the entire cabinet door cream.

Then stencil on the damask background. Use a light coat of Krylon's Caramel Latte brushed metallic sprayed lightly over a damask stencil (I used my silhouette to make this stencil). Lightly spray paint over the area to avoid runs and drips- this is supposed to be faint.

Next, cover your stencilled area with scrap paper to protect it. Spray paint the cabinet trim with Krylon's oil rubbed bronze brushed metallic spray paint. Now you have a "frame".

While that is drying pick a phrase. I wanted something Christmasy- like "Oh, come let us adore Him" or "Let earth receive her king". I went with "Joy to the World". Use any letter stencils.

Gently sand the damask area and dust off any particles. Then center the lettering stencils and lightly paint with black (I actually used a paint brush and stencilled this step).

Then tenderly sand everything in the cream area and lightly apply antique gel on top around the edges of the cream area.

When the sign is how you want it, finish the project off by giving everything a spray of a clear satin finish.

Let it dry and enjoy your good work!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Make Flocked Christmas Ornaments

I saw some unique and super cool flocked Christmas ornaments while web surfing. I'm not sure of the store but if I remember right they were about $20 -too much for me. When it comes to retail prices just call me Ebeneezer!

Seriously, these are are so EASY to make- really, really, easy peasy.

You will need Aleene's quick tacky glue, glass ornaments, Avery sticker paper, and scrapbooking doodlebug design flocking (print yourself a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby's website for this purchase- they offer one almost every week!).

Step 1: Make flocked stickers: Cut out your desired sticker shape from the Avery sticker paper.

Step 2: Brush the paper side evenly with tacky glue, sprinkle on flocking. Or put the flocking on a piece of waxed paper and press your gluey sticker into the flocking. Let dry.

Step 3: There will be some white parts still showing. Take a stiff paint brush and dip it into glue then gently pounce/bounce (like you're stencilling) it onto the white areas- dip into flocking again. Let dry and repeat if needed. Don't 'paint' on the second layer of glue or it will smear off the flocking that is already on.

Step 4: When these are truly dry (at least 2 hours) gently peel off the sticker backing and firmly press into place on your ornament. Repeat.

TA-DAH! All done!

Learn from my experimentation: Use a good glue like Aleene's. Don't press the sticky side of the sticker paper into the flocking, because when you try to glue the tiny sticker onto the ornament you will spend forever holding it in place and waiting for it to dry.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament

I saw these ornaments at Dollar Tree and really liked them except that the manufacturer had been skimpy with the beads. Now that is an easy fix! I just took them home, raided the bead stash, and glued on a bunch more. Now they are ready to sparkle on the tree.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

More Burlap and Muslin Christmas Stockings

I'm bored with making Christmas stockings. Yep, my attention span is that short! So, I'll show what I have and move on to other things. These stockings need ironed and a little embellishment at the top- a name embroidered or a cute yo-yo flower and then they will be ready to use. They are made with the same Cath Kidston pattern that was mentioned in the previous stocking post-

These two are made with burlap and a yard sale found fabric. I sewed each piece of the burlap stocking to muslin to stabilize and minimize fraying. Then I sewed the stocking together. These stockings need a monogram at the top- and maybe a tassel or two. And yes, I had a square toed giant in mind when I made them... not! On to other things!!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spicy Pumpkin Bread with White Chocolate and Cinnamon Frosting

I promise I really am enjoying Fall! I'm not trying to skip Thanksgiving it's just that I try to have all of my Christmas "work" done before December so that I can enjoy the holiday and all of the many family activities that there are. That's my goal anyway! The last two years I haven't done so well. So, this year I'm extra motivated.

I just decorated a tiny corner of the house so that I could take Christmasy pictures- and share with you this years crafts- in case some of you like to get things done before the rush of the holidays too. Really and truly it is still Fall at my house- mostly :o)

"Spicy Pumpkin Bread with White Chocolate and Cinnamon Frosting"-Doesn't this recipe sound amazing?! Sorry, but it wasn't. The pumpkin bread was wondeful- but the frosting was too sweet. I used this yummy pumpkin bread recipe .

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Burlap and Muslin Christmas Stockings

I received my winter Ballard Design catalogue last week and they had some charming burlap Christmas stockings. Of course, I had to come up with my own version. I had lots of fun with this rustic, back to nature, kind of theme.

I made my own "fabric" by stamping Martha Stewart butterfly stamps and brown ink on a rustic looking muslin- (I purchased this little tree stamp at Michaels last year and unfortunately I don't remember who made it).

I looked all over the internet trying to find a stocking pattern that I liked. I found this little one at McCall's. Then I took this large Cath Kidston pattern and adapted it- by making the leg skinnier.

I printed the bird right onto the muslin the same way I did this earlier project. The bird image is from Vintage Moth.

I kinda like the look of mixing the fancy trim with the humble muslin- as on the little butterfly sock. You could use gold ink if you really wanted to spiff things up- - - so many options.

more stockings to come.

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Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

Don't you just love Sundays?! It is so great to worship with others and to refocus on what is really important- I feel refreshed and ready for another week.

Since I start decorating for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving I'll start sharing my Christmas ideas now. I have schizophrenic tastes- so, there will be quite a variety. I just received my winter Ballard Designs catalogue and now I want to make everything in there.... anywho, here is an easy project.

I was going to crochet a cover for each styrofoam ball... but a chain stitch is so much quicker for my novice crocheting skills. I just did a long chain stitch and hot glued it to a styrofoam ball- use your low temperature glue gun because you will burn your fingers. Ouch and double ouch!

To change colors I tied a knot and started gluing on another color. Variegated yarn makes for a nice look, too.

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