Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween "Smell My Feet" Free Printable

Long time no post, eh?!

Well, I'm helping my daughter to put together some little gifts for her friends for Halloween- aren't you SO IMPRESSED that we started out this early???  Well, don't be.  I finally figured out that if I don't start early it doesn't happen.  Like if I don't have dinner started by ten in the morning we're probably eating toast, but I digress.

I was browsing around the store called Tuesday Morning and found these super cute sets of Halloween polish- and it's scented! The polish comes in Halloween colors and they have a gold decal on them of a haunted house, a jack-o-lantern, or a ghost.

I bought some for my daughter and she wanted some more to give to her friends- so, we grabbed another set or two.  She is going to break the sets apart and just give each girl two colors.

She is going to put the nail polish in a little bag and maybe add a few other goodies.  I made this label for her to attach to her nail polish gift bags.  I hope that she'll have lots of fun gifting these to her chums.

Happy Halloween!


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