Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thrifting

Today was an incredible thrifting day. I snatched up the above fan- now the price on this wasn't great- but I new I'd love how it fits into this room. It has a such a nice vintage feel to it. So for $20 I bought it home (I used a photo filter to accent my new fan love).

I also found this $3 nice wooden lamp base. I REALLY like the color (the real life version- wish I was better at photography) but if I can't find a spot for it as is I'll spray paint it and put it on my night stand.

I also snagged a little tykes dollhouse in perfect condition for less than $8, a seal-a-meal for $2, an old fashioned nut chopper for 99cents (I've been looking for one of those) and a cheese set to paint and use as room decor-

I also came home with a bag full of clothes for $5. Mostly cute stuff for my little girl and a few things to make over... if they turn out I'll show you.

Since I was having so much fun I swung by Target for their 75% off Easter stuff. I bought some candy- yeah, I know- not good for me... but when chocolate is 50 cents a bag how can you resist?! There was a cute little toy I bought to use as a birthday gift. I also found this cute candle holder, 55 cents, that matches my daughters room perfectly.

I usually go a VERY long time before finding anything fun so today was extra nice! Have you found any fun thrifting treasures?

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Letia said...

Great deals!! It almost makes me want to pack up the kids and attempt to go to a thrift store. I LOVE all your finds!

Rissa said...

You don't have to paint the lamp if it goes in my room. :>

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