Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Fuzzy, Flying Critters

Last Saturday my little six year old decided he wanted to make a family of flying critters.  I pulled out the kid's craft supply box and he looked through it.  I suggested wrapping colorful pipe cleaners around a pencil to make the body shape and he figured out the rest. 

We couldn't stop with just one because- as we all know- you have to have a family!!!  So, we had flying critters all around the house. 

We tied a piece of black thread- about 18 inches- to their noses and tied the other end to a toothpick.  When you hold on to the toothpick and swing the thread over your head - lasso style- the black thread kind of disappears and you have a fuzzy, flying critter.  Aren't six year olds brilliant?!

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