Monday, November 15, 2010

Free Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern- Cardinal and Blue Jay

When I was a child a sweet next door neighbor "adopted" me as her granddaughter.  We had some fine visits.  She loved animals and critters. She set up a bird feeder to attract birds- especially cardinals.  Around Christmas I could sometimes catch a glimpse of their bright red feathers.  Often at the holidays I think of her and these beautiful birds.

I decided to celebrate that memory and came up with a simple little cross stitch pattern to share with you!  Consider it your very first Christmas present of the year!  I couldn't leave out the fascinating blue jay so there is a pattern for him too- These would make fine ornaments, Christmas cards, or tiny holiday displays.

A link to the patterns is found in the freebie section on the right or here.  Below is the Christmas card version.



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Rissa said...

It looks superb

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