Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cookbook Review

I've been trying to eat less sugar and preservatives- and trying to consume more whole grains and vegetables. And can I just publicly announce that I really, really miss the sugar!!!  

I realized that most of cookbooks I own aren't very helpful in this area- they have gorgeous pictures of amazing desserts.  Even the main dishes are made with lots of processed ingredients and people put sugar in the strangest things....  So, I splurged and purchased two new cookbooks. 

I found the Power Foods cookbook on Amazon for $15.  It has lots of extra information about healthy foods to include in your diet- but so far, I've just been focusing on the healthy recipes.  I've tried the walnut- crusted chicken (I replaced the walnuts with pecans) and the lemon chicken with avocado-corn salsa chicken and both were excellent! 

I'll let you know how the other cookbook is (if I like it)- just browsing through it I noticed several unusual ingredients and the recipes seem to call for quite a bit of sugar... so, we'll see.

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Letia said...

Are the recipes complicated? I would love to start cooking healthier things, but I don't love cooking so...

J. Paige said...

I'm not a big fan of cooking either- but many of these recipes seem simple enough that I'm not overwhelmed- the pecan chicken only had four or five ingredients- so that is pretty easy!

Oh, and there is a picture of every recipe- love that!

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