Monday, November 14, 2011

Free Photography Actions for Photoshop

I have two nieces that are professional photographers.  So super talented.  One is located in Arizona.  The other is located in Utah.

Portrait photography is such an art.  You have to be a skilled photographer and be skilled in working with people- as I've said before- such a HUGE learning curve.  One of my new favorite inspirational blogs is Peekaboo Photography.  Wow!  Her work is amazing.

I took the above photo on Saturday.  Since trees and beautiful green shrubs are few and far between in West Texas we used an old abandoned house for the backdrop.  I've been having a blast learning about and playing with filters and actions for photoshop.  I'm so grateful for free actions like the ones offered at Coffee Shop Blog.  So MANY options!  Since I've started having computer problems I haven't been able to use my actions.... I'm hoping for some great black Friday computer deals.... maybe we can upgrade!

For ideas on displaying all of your great photos how about these adorable miniature wooden frames filled with family pictures.... after getting enough to decorate your own tree you might want to grab a few extra as these would make such a special gift for grandma.

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Letia said...

Great picture!!!

J. Paige said...


David and Amber said...

Oh this is a cute picture. I hope you had fun and that it was a fun experience for you....I personaly like the rustic feel of the reed grass and shed..

J. Paige said...

Thanks- it was fun and I think we got a few pictures "Texas Style" that they can use

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