Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Charm bracelet quilt

OK, so I said I'd make a quilt for her sixteenth birthday..mmm..., that was ten years ago. So embarrassing!! But I finally did it!!! In July, Ceptember picked out this fabric for a quilt from fatquarters. It's called charm bracelet and I think they are sold out of most of it. I've been looking at the quilts at pottery barn and other sites like urban outfitters. They use big random fabric blocks. So, I tried to recreate it- and this is what I ended up with.

I think next time I'll try not to have all the seams line up down the center... ugh! But I'm not a perfectionist enough to pick it all out and sew it up again. Oh, and please try to ignore the water spot where I washed out a water soluable blue marker... ;0)

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Amber said...

It looks beautiful mom. David's mom made David a bed quilt for one of his teen birthdays. We still use the quilt today. It is very loved because it was made with love. I'm sure Tember will treasure it.

Letia said...

you are amazing! I like the pattern you made.

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