Monday, September 1, 2008

Try Not to Hit the Car With the Blue and Red Flashing Lights On Top

Yeah, Saturday I was feeling kind of blue. The kids and I decided to see if we could find any treasures and went to a few yard sales. We were slowly driving through a beautiful neighborhood when we came upon a man out walking for his morning exercise. I very politely stopped at my yield sign and nodded for him to go ahead. No, no he shook his head and waved his hand motioning for me to go first. So, I did. I pulled forward and nearly creamed a POLICE CAR.

You know, they don't really like that. I pulled over and started looking for all the pertinent info. The officer turned on his lights and pulled up behind me. The officer was really kind and he would have let me off with just a verbal warning (probably because I had tears in my eyes) but somehow I had forgot to take my car in for it's annual inspection... so, he gave me a ticket for that. Yeah, well, it wasn't my happiest moment. But it could have been worse. So, life tip- Try not to hit the car with the flashing blue and red lights on top! (I did not take the above picture)

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Letia said...

That didn't help the blue mood did it! Sorry to have that happen. I always beat myself up so much when I do things like that. More importantly, did you find any treasures?

janapl said...

We did find some cute books. We only went to two sales, because after this little incident I was ready to call it a day!

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