Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Toy Suggestions

I don't know about you but I have Christmas shopping on my mind. Here are a few hits from the past just in case you are in the same boat that I am.
Camera Vtech, We love this tough camera. S (age 4) currently uses his by setting it on the table, turning on the video record and then dancing and singing in front of the camera. After a bit he turns off the record and pushes play to watch his performance. We have never put the pictures onto the computer so fancy quality isn't necessary for us. We just use the camera to watch the movies and look at the pictures.

Last year the prettiest dolls were at Tuesday Mornings and the prices were GREAT! They carried an American Doll look alike that was very good quality, too. Just checked and our Tuesday Morning doesn't have their dolls out yet, but they were rearranging the toy section,they said the dolls would be in by Nov.10. I might check back this week just in case.

Blocks Every child needs a great set of blocks. These are uniform in size, great quality and very large. Older children might prefer smaller sized blocks. Melissa and Doug 60 piece standard unit blocks

Twist Car, best price I've seen was at Overstock (when they have them, thanks for those that gave me that tip). This toy lasts and gets used tons on our tile. We've never tried it outside, but if you have smooth flooring and lots of room to ride-it's fun.

Tom Chapin CD's, so nice to listen to kids music that is easy on the parents ears, too. His songs are upbeat, with clever lyrics and positive messages. They put a smile on my face.

Dinosaur Puzzle, I couldn't find a picture of the dinosaur puzzle we have. But it was just like this one by Melissa & Doug. It's made of wood and has lasted for a long time. S and I do it together. I think its pretty challenging, but he helps me along. Ross' had it for 8$ last year.

What toys do you like?

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Rissa said...

Are you going to get E a friend for her doll?

Letia said...

thanks for the suggestions!

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