Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool Building Supply Thrift Store

While in Ft. Worth we stumbled across this cool store. It's a building supply store that benefits Habitat for Humanity. Builders and some of the big stores (like Lowe's) donate extra and left over materials to the store for resale. Some of it is used some of it is new. Wow, there was some cool stuff! Rows and rows of windows and doors.

Lot's of chandeliers, appliances, light fixtures. Everything came with a 30 day guarantee to work correctly or your money back. I found two really nice towel bars for only 13$ for both.

I REALLY wish, covet and deeply desire that there was a store like this where I live. This sink and cabinet were $75 together. It looks like a little sanding and paint would have it looking nice. The top was completely new and ready to go.

This mantel was $125 it just needed a new piece of moulding and paint or stain.

It just seemed like with a little imagination and elbow grease you could do some cool remodeling projects for a fraction of the normal cost. I have to go repent now for coveting, envying and the like-
have a happy day!

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Amber said...

That looks like a really fun store. I don't think I've heard of anything like that before. We need to send you to Fort Worth with a Uhaul truck for all of your treasures.

Margaret Ritchie said...

Hey, nice to meet ya! It's fun to have found another fellow member of the church and hopefully swap ideas! I just found one of these stores in my area! I went to check it out just the other day and was thrilled! Can't wait to utilize some of the stuff there...

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