Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Christmas Gifts

I think it was Pinching Your Pennies that told me about the Vista Printing site. They are offering free products- truly, all you pay is shipping (if you upload your own pictures they add a small fee). These would make some great Grandma and Grandpa gifts. The list of free products changes periodically. After one order they sent me an email that offered more free products. One item listed as free really wasn't- so, I just deleted it from my cart. But I've ordered ten different items, for free!

OK- get creative! They have car magnets- you know those big magnets people use to advertise their businesses. How about printing one that says "Happy Birthday" and using it when it's your child's birthday and you pick them up from school?

I made a t-shirt that said, Daddy's Best Helper, and had a picture of tools. Maybe make one that says, "World's Best Grandpa"?

Order the free rubber stamp with one of your children's names on it instead of an address. Or have their name printed on top of a notepad.

You can make those cute return labels, with caricatures you personalize of your own family- too cute.

Think outside the box. Clear off those business names and put in funny quotes, family pictures, etc. Change the Christmas cards into Thank you cards. They also offered free calendars, and free magnets- you can really get creative with these- oh, just check it out.

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Mr. and Mrs. said...

These ideas are brillant. Thank you for sharing.

Mr. and Mrs. said...

ps. Your easy fudge recipe, was not so easy for me. It turned out more like a creamy soup, than fudge. I'm so sad. Luckily I bought double, so I shall try again. I guess I'm challenged when it comes to "easy" recipes.

Rissa said...

Dose that mean I get a stamp with my name on it? It is weird to not be quit sure what you are giving me because I wasn't there to buy it with you. I am excited to see all of your new creative things.

Letia said...

I took you up on the ideas! I am happily awaiting a stamp with J's name on it and a Happy Birthday!

janapl said...

I'm so glad it was helpful

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