Friday, February 13, 2009

Ribbon Hair Clips or barrettes

My sister Jennifer taught me this and our other sister Letia taught her. My nieces have been making these for I don't know how long- so, yeah, I'm the last to know, but they are new to me. So, here is a mini tutorial.

Get some ugly metal hair clips, some tacky tape, and some ribbon. Target has these rolls in their dollar section. There is enough ribbon to make two barrettes from each color. Gather scrapbooking brads, beads, buttons, and silk flowers.

Roughly measure your hair clip (usually 4 1/2 to 6 inches). Cut ribbon allowing some extra- you can trim off what you don't need later. Cut tacky tape and apply it to the ribbon back.

Apply the ribbon to the hair clip, pulling gently for a nice smooth finish.

Hot glue any embellishments on top. All done. Sorry, these last photos are so washed out- just trust me- they turn out CUTE!

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Jennifer said...

Those look so cute! I want to find some small flowers like yours. I really enjoyed my visit, spending time with you and letting the kids play together. The first night back, Regan asks, "Mom, can you get the salt for me? I can't remember where it is because we've been on vacation for so long." Ha Ha!

janapl said...

Too cute. I had so much fun! The little flower is actually a blossom off of a hydrangea (is that how you spell it) silk flower. My kids have been wishing you were back- they say "it's just not the same without you"- have a happy week.

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