Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweater Makeover

Goodwill had a sale. All sweaters and shirts were $1.59. I liked this striped sweater vest, but it was too short. So, I took it over to the men's section and matched the sweater to a large men's shirt with similar fabric to the sleeve binding.

Then I measured the bottom of the sweater. I cut the bottom off of the men's shirt and made two strips that I sewed together and then sewed this onto the bottom of the sweater. That is about as clear as mud, but if you sew- it is really easy to figure out!

I used the bottom of the man's shirt so that I wouldn't have to do any hemming! Clarissa is modeling it for me (it looks so much cuter on her!).

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Letia said...

Seriously! I would never in a million think to do something like that. It turned out so cute!

Mr. and Mrs. said...

So cute. It makes me laugh that Rissa wouldn't share a smile because she hadn't brushed. Anyways cute, cute sweater. It seems that you are starting to see things that you can beautify. Maybe it is a talent that comes with time and craft.

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