Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Feet Ready for Summer

I have had the worst feet- probably because I always go barefoot! My heels would get so dry and cracked and it was ugly and painful. Well, somewhere in blogville I read about a remedy that has really worked for me (I'm sorry to the original post author- I can't find you anywhere to link to you!!).

Anyways, you wash your feet with a cleanser that has at least 2% salicylic acid. I used Clearasil Ultra daily face wash. Then use a pumice stone or callous razor to carefully remove any dead skin. Slather your feet with Vaseline or a really great foot cream and put socks on for an hour or two. Use this treatment every other day for a few days and your feet will look so much better! After getting your feet looking great just use the treatment once a week for general up keep.

This is so much less expensive than other fancy foot creams and treatments (many of which contain the same active ingredient: salicylic acid) on the market.

Children, the elderly, and pregnant or breast feeding moms might want to check with their doctor before using repeatedly- although there is no warning on the face soap tube.

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