Monday, May 18, 2009

Make Your Own Printable Fabric

Wow, I'm so excited about this new craft idea I'm about to pop. Martha Stewart sent out a daily craft email showing how to make cute bibs. They were nice. But what caught my eye was that you can make your own printable fabric sheets! Am I the last one to figure this out or is it something super cool and new to you?!

You just iron freezer paper (shiny side down)to the back of a fabric and cut it to 8 1/2" x 11" or whatever size paper your printer takes. Then choose a graphic, picture, or text and print- pull off the freezer paper backing and start sewing--- the options are ENDLESS!

Here is a mini pillow and a gift bag that I whipped up to give an idea- but you could even design and print your own fabric (in small pieces of course)....

Ugh my mind is racing so fast my head is starting to hurt.

I found these inspiring ideas at etsy, cb2, urban outfitters and pottery barn. You don't just have to make pillows- you can design your own fabric for any project.... you can print pictures of your ancestors and make a family heritage quilt, you could make patches to sew on clothes, etc., etc.

For some cool free graphics try graphics fairy or the vintage moth. Let me know what you make!

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Mr. and Mrs. said...

Ooooo, could we print tractors or planes onto onesies for the little one? I saw a plane on etsy that was printed onto a onesie and then had super thick cute stiching around the edge. So cute, but $18. Could I do it for cheaper? Do I need a fancy printer? Oh this makes me want to pop too.

Mindy said...

Who would have thought? I love how creative you are! Also, that quote by Elder Holland you have posted on the side of you blog...amazing! Thanks again for the beautiful Christmas dress that you sent for Kennady. She is so excited to wear it that she can hardly stand it! It is so beautiful! I was sad I missed seeing you while you were up in Utah. It seems like it has been way to long! Hope you are all doing well.

Rissa said...

Oh those look like so much fun. I want to try.

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