Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fabric Covered Coupon Holder

I've decided that I need to stretch our family dollars a little (lot) farther. So, I've begun to clip some coupons. I have family members who are AMAZING at saving money this way. Literally. They should be on Oprah. I don't think I'll ever be as determined, organized and dedicated as they are. But still I think I'll give it a try. Do you have any coupon shopping tips?

I knew that I needed a simple way to organize and carry the coupons around and I wanted it to be a no-money-no-time-at-all type of a project.

Well, here is what I came up with: (feel free to craft along!) go to Dollar Tree and purchase an accordion style coupon holder.

Dig through your scrap pile and sew a few pieces of fabric together anyway you like 'em. Iron your sewn fabric to a strong bonding fusible web. Then trace the coupon holder cover and front panel and cut those pieces out from the now fused fabric. Use a scrap booking brad to make a hole for the elastic.

Peel off the fusible backing and carefully position the fabric onto the coupon holder, pulling the elastic through the brad opening.

When everything is in place iron the fabric to the coupon holder- it's a little awkward but it works.

Then finish up the project by using a straight edge and rotary cutter to trim up the edges. If your fusible web is as old as mine is you may need to add a little fray check around the edges.

Fill it up with coupons and you're ready to shop and save!!

A second version: Iron your fabric to light weight fusible interfacing and then when ready attach to your coupon holder with spray adhesive.

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Mr. and Mrs. said...

Good luck on the coupon hunt.

Rissa said...

Super cute mom.

Valerie said...

This looks like a cute idea, I'm getting ready to make a coupon holder too! Every penny counts!



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