Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Stain Remover

Our trip to San Antonio was wonderful. Our son was happy to spend a few evenings off of the army base. He is looking good and is learning a bunch. We spent some warm but very fun days at Sea World. I am still totally in love with dolphins. Doesn't it seem like you'd have to be seriously disturbed to not like them?!

And here is another product review. Just in case you were dying to read one:

This product it made by Church and Dwight, Co. There are lots of other similarly named products.

I had a friend recommend using this stuff to get stains out of older crocheted doilies. She also uses it to periodically soak white clothes in. She lets them soak for an hour or two and then if they still need brightening she'll rinse and then restart the load so they can soak in a freshly made mix of hot water and soap. She says her clothes end up looking store bright white.

I decided to try it on my white skirt-that-I-stained-the-first-time-I-wore-it-and don't you hate it when that happens?! (with chocolate, of course!).

First off, you need to know that my house has the world's hardest water- well water- it leaves everything grey and your clothes look ten years old after three washings, and you can never get any kind of stain out and we really need to get a water softener. Yeah.

Well, my skirt had been washed and dried a few times. But it's a really cute skirt so I just had to try this stuff. I bought a small container of the soap. I nixed the well water and used some purchased (boiling hot) filtered water and mixed in some soap to make a paste. Then I used the paste, suds and liquid from my little mixing bowl and dabbed it all over the stain. After letting it sit for an hour I rinsed the skirt and... ta, da... the fabric was PERFECTLY clean- not even a shadow of the stain was left. I'm very impressed. Hope you have as much luck!

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Mr. and Mrs. said...

Oh I have some stains I want to attack with this stuff. Beware stains.

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