Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Royal Princess Activity Day

The following ideas are a conglomeration of ideas from Sugardoodle and Family Fun.

I am delighted with how this weeks activity went.  We have a very small group- only four kids and here is what we did:

For this activity with my favorite group of 8-11 yr. old girls we had a princess  birthday party.  I found princess party invitations at Dollar Tree.  On the blank where it said birthday girl- I put "you".  When the girls came we had pink birthday cupcakes using this recipe, a plain white cake mix with white chocolate pudding, a layer of strawberry and a layer of butter cream frosting (you can't have too much frosting!).  Delish!

We played princess party games.  Instead of pin the tale on the donkey we played "smack a kiss on the frog"  and the blindfolded girls tried to get their paper lips onto the frog's.  We also hid a fake diamond and the girls tried to find it playing hot and cold.  For our third game we filled a glass pie plate with candy conversation hearts and gave each girl a pair of chopsticks.  We gave them one minute to pick up as many hearts as they could (no cheating by scooping)!

I had found some cute notebooks at WalMart on clearance for only $1.50 a piece.  I copied a group of quotes about the princess within and being a daughter of God, printed them on cardstock, mounted them on adorable scrapbook paper and placed them randomly in the notebook.  I also made a daily prayer and another daily scripture study chart to add to their books.  Here is the file of everything I used- although it didn't load the correct fonts, etc.  We took a few minutes to go over the quotes and discuss how they made us feel. 

We also watched this video about sometimes feeling like an ugly duckling.  Each notebook was placed in a gift bag- (their birthday present)- oh, and the crowns are from dollar tree in packs of 25-  with a box of conversation hearts and a bright colored pencil. 

To finish the activity we opened our gifts and then each girl wrote one thing that they liked or admired about each girl in that girl's book- so that she'll always have a reminder of some of the special things about herself.  It was one of those days when everything just fell into place and everything felt "right"- I'm so grateful!

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Letia said...

Wow, can you come be in charge for me? Those are some great ideas!

David and Amber said...

I love this activity. Thanks for putting so much work into it for the girls. I bet you planted some seeds.

J. Paige said...

I can't really take credit for them- I just find really smart people on the web and combine all of their ideas! You've shared some great ideas with me too Letia!

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