Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Activity Day- Reverence Books & Conference Prep

This week for activity day (girl's group ages 8-11) we did two different activities.  First, we watched this message about general conference and then the girls colored these watches and stuck on magnets to post at home as a reminder for their families to watch.  They filled out this form (page 3) to prepare to be taught and they were given this bingo board to use as they watched General Conference.  I found all of these printable links via Sugardoodle.

Next, our ward (congregation) is focusing on reverence.  So, as a service project we made reverence books to be given to the nursery children.  To make the books I printed the lyrics to the primary song, "Reverence is Love" onto 3 1/2" by 5" cards phrase by phrase- here is a copy of the file.  The girls cut them out and used double sided tape to attach them onto solid color 4" by 6" cardstock. 

I cut pictures out of old Ensigns and Friend magazines and taped them to 4" x 6" cardstock as well.  Then we placed the pictures and the lyrics into a very inexpensive photo brag books from Target.  The nursery leaders will give the books to the little ones on Sunday.  We're hopeful they will be used as a "quiet books" during church each week. 

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J. Paige said...

We heard back that the children LOVED there books. One little boy even took is to preschool to share with his class.

The photo brag books were 99 cents.

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