Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Home Evening Magnet Board

As it gets close to the new year I start to have the urge to get a bit more organized, don't you?  I've had a few projects in the works.  We needed an easy way to rotate assignments and to keep track of everyone's job for family home evening.  I decided to make a family home evening magnet board. I used a picture frame purchased at a yard sale from my stash and added a fresh coat of paint.  For the inside of the frame I took an ugly metal sign and painted it cream.  Then I printed up the assignments we needed for our family home evenings onto some thin patterned paper.

I mod podged the paper with assignments printed on it to the metal sign.  I made a few glass magnets with family names on them that we will rotate each week. I'm hoping this will help to keep us more organized.

To clean up my closet, I confiscated my husbands tie rack (another yard sale find that wasn't being used).  Dear husband even hung it up for me on my side of the closet- nice guy- and now that is where I keep my necklaces, belts and scarves.  Much better than the jumbled pile of stuff that was there :o)

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

Looking good. I need a tie rack like that.

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