Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Activity Day Temple Picture frame

My husband made me a picture frame- I love that he is willing and able to do projects like this!!!

 I decided to make a few fabric flowers in grey and cream.  Then I added an antiqued temple picture.  Here is how it turned out.  

I decided to do something similar for activity day (church girls group ages 8-11).  I'll say up front this was not a very inexpensive project.  I saw one version where the girls mod podge the temple pictures onto boards cut to size.  You could do that here and then glue the flowers in the lower corner of the picture- that would save some money.  Having fabric scraps and buttons on hand to use also helps.

To prepare I cut out circles from a cereal box (to glue the fabric to)  and cut strips of fabric to make the flowers.  I also painted the picture frames.  The girls just had to make the flowers and glue them onto the frames.  I also had several needles threaded and ready to use to gather the fabric for the large flowers.  Even with all the prep work this class went about an hour and ten minutes.  It would have gone faster if I would have had one glue gun per girl.  I had six girls and three glue guns.

My daughter said that young people would prefer pictures that were not antiqued and distressed- so, we went with a standard 5x7 print of the temple.  We also used this quote and talked about the importance of the temple.  Whew, I'm ready for a nap!

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