Monday, January 7, 2008

Best-most used so far- Christmas Gift

Vtech camera
I never know what the "best" Christmas Gift will be. It's kind of fun to guess and see if I'm right. Last year it was the small bow and arrow set with suction tips. I think it cost five bucks. E and S have used those all year long!

This year I think it might be the camera S received from Santa. S has dropped it plenty of times but it still works fine. It has all sorts of fun things on it. You can scroll through background/stencils to put crazy ears and noses on your pictures before you take them... that feature is hard to explain! There are games on it. One takes a picture S has stored on the camera and breaks it into six pieces, shuffles it and lets S put it together as a puzzle. Even the college age kids had fun taking pictures with it. You can also make video clips.

Of course the quality of the pictures isn't worth bragging about- we haven't even put them onto the computer. S and E just love taking photos and looking at them on the back of the camera. They've already gone through one set of batteries (suggestion: think rechargeable batteries). Last year E received a Strawberry Shortcake camera that broke the first day- this is definitely an upgrade!

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