Monday, January 7, 2008

Fabric Purses

Amber's bag

While we had Charitie and Amber here we decided to have some craft fun. We went to Hancocks and each girl picked out her own decorator/designer fabric (at 50% off). Then we went home and started working. Amber decided to use hers as a scripture bag-purse. So, she quilted the sides, put a cell phone pocket on the outside and a R.S. lesson manual size pocket on the inside. Charitie's has a cool dimensional pocket on the outside and a hidden pocket within a pocket on the inside. Now I need to help Clarissa and E make theirs.

We used Simplicity pattern number 9779- but we altered it because it didn't have the quickest sewing instructions (they wanted you to make bias trim to sew to the raw edges of the lining and the purse exterior. Instead we just sewed the two parts together, left an opening and turned the bag right side out.

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Amber Adele said...

I love that purse, and I am so excited to take it to church in a couple days. Thanks so much!! I loved making it with you, (Watching you make it:0)I enjoyed laughing with you and just having mom time. I love you, and you're the most amazing mom ever!!

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