Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple Christmas Quilt

This was a quick and simple Christmas quilt for the kids to snuggle under while they watch all of those cute Christmas movies. It's just five fabrics, 36 nine inch squares, one six inch square with embroidery doodles and a pom-pom frame.

Just sew the 36 squares together to make a big square. Embroider some doodling on your six inch square and sew it onto your quilt top. Sew on your pom-poms. Then to cheat and make it really simple sew it together like a pillow cover; layer fabrics right sides together and place batting on top. Then sew all around the quilt (through the fabric and batting), leaving about a foot open- turn inside out. Hand sew opening shut and then tack quilt together at random spots with embroidery floss. Not perfect but so easy!

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1 comment:

Rissa said...

I am so excited to nuggle and eat pepenuts in that blanket. I want to watch white christmas with you and hold S while he gets beter.

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