Thursday, January 22, 2009


There are some fun sales out and about these days.

I should have posted this last week but Ross is having their home decor extravaganza- which means they have a huge inventory of anything to do with your home. I found king size sheet sets, 400 thread count, white, for $17. I am going to use them as quilt backs. They are really comfortable and they get softer the more you wash them. However, they are hot. I only use the bottom sheet on my bed or I end up sweltering.

Ross also has super cool GIANT round clocks (three feet across). They have big thick frames and look wonderful! They are priced from $30 up.

Also, if you have the travel bug. British airways is having a sale to London for $160 each way. For all those related to awesome cousin KayLin she moved to England last year for work and will be there for an additional year and a half- and she welcomes guests!

Have you had any luck shopping lately? (Oh, and these pictures are off of the web).

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Anonymous said...

London, now that sounds fun. I like your clock. I think I will go to my Ross and see what they have. I love you and have a super Thursday. =) Amber

janapl said...

Oh, its not my clock-just a cute one that was on the web that looked like the ones at the store- I don't think I have a place big enough for a clock that size- love you

Mr. and Mrs. said...

Ahh well hopefully the others were just as cute. It is kinda of funny to see that you posted to pictures of clocks..Big Ben, and Ross's clock. Hehe. (:

Letia said...

Are YOU going to London? Hopefully! That would be SO MUCH FUN!

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