Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspiring Pillowcase

I thought it would be fun to make a pillowcase with my daughter that would remind her of her goals every time she hopped in or out of bed. We just used a pre-washed white pillowcase and fabric markers- I like the Crayola ones as much as the other brands that I've tried. For the "artwork" I printed coloring pages and traced 'em.

I'm hoping that because she helped it will be special to her. Keeping it real- did you see all that stuff on the kitchen table?!- Mmm, maybe I should clean it off- or take a nap... honestly, I'll probably take the nap.

Oh, how funny. I just noticed that "House on Hill Road" has a Crayola Fabric Marker post from yesterday. I'm working on a tote/fabric marker project too.... wow, I feel like I'm in GREAT company.

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David and Amber said...

I love her pillow case. I'm sure it will be special to her.

Rissa said...

I figure messy tables mean you use them for something.

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