Monday, August 31, 2009

For America

I've lived in Australia for several months and my parents lived in England. From our experience talking to the actual citizens of these nations the overwhelming conclusion we came to is that national health care is NOT A GOOD THING.

When a nation turns to the government to provide health care taxes skyrocket and the quality of health care goes down the toilet!

Isn't it great the we live in the United States of America?! I can believe what I want and you can believe what you want. We can agree to disagree. Comments will not be allowed for this post.

Here is a great website that will give you access to your government officials. All you do is click on US Senate, scroll down to your state, click on your senators email and write him or her a letter. To save time I suggest you write one email sharing your feelings, copy it, and then paste it into emails to each person representing you in Washington. You can write to the President, vice president, and your rep in the US house of representatives.

Please pray for our country.

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