Monday, August 31, 2009

T-Shirt Embellishment #2

I found a shirt almost exactly like this one at Kohls last week for $1.98. Having been scoping out some super cute tees like these at JCrew

I decided to add a little embellishment. I went a little more formal then these free form examples- but the technique is the same. First, I went to the one store in our town that carries silk ribbons and they only had very narrow stuff. I purchased one package and also some wider part polyester ribbon (but the silk looks best and if you are patient enough to order some you can get it in fairly wide widths).

I'm not patient. Whatever ribbon you select- just make sure that the front and back of the ribbon are the same (no "right" side) this makes the stitching much easier. Grab some matching thread from your stash and a few beads. This doesn't have to be done in a monochromatic color scheme- so, feel free to branch out.

Gather, fold, twist and pin into place a few layers at a time. Turn any raw edges under. Hand stitch in place by catching the edge of the ribbon every fourth of an inch or so. There isn't a right way to do this- just go for whatever look you like. You can even machine stitch it if you want (I did in a few places). I put a slightly lighter ribbon in the center of the big flower. You can stitch a few beads on if you like and then, drum roll please :o), you end up with a jazzed up shirt, much cheaper then the original inspiration.

I used Bucilla Burgandy, 7mm, variegated 100% silk ribbon, Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads #03049 and at Hobby Lobby in the sewing section I found a wine colored, 1/2 inch ribbon (FX brand).

This is so easy- you've gotta try it!

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Letia said...

Wow, you are amazing. That turned out so cute!!!!

Rissa said...

That is so cool. Can we do some major crafting when I'm there for Christmas. I know of some shirts in my closet there that could us a makeover.

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