Monday, November 9, 2009

More Burlap and Muslin Christmas Stockings

I'm bored with making Christmas stockings. Yep, my attention span is that short! So, I'll show what I have and move on to other things. These stockings need ironed and a little embellishment at the top- a name embroidered or a cute yo-yo flower and then they will be ready to use. They are made with the same Cath Kidston pattern that was mentioned in the previous stocking post-

These two are made with burlap and a yard sale found fabric. I sewed each piece of the burlap stocking to muslin to stabilize and minimize fraying. Then I sewed the stocking together. These stockings need a monogram at the top- and maybe a tassel or two. And yes, I had a square toed giant in mind when I made them... not! On to other things!!

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1 comment:

arkie said...

I think I like these even more that the others. Maybe it's the color I like more. Great look! Can't wait to see what your next craft is!

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