Monday, November 2, 2009

Burlap and Muslin Christmas Stockings

I received my winter Ballard Design catalogue last week and they had some charming burlap Christmas stockings. Of course, I had to come up with my own version. I had lots of fun with this rustic, back to nature, kind of theme.

I made my own "fabric" by stamping Martha Stewart butterfly stamps and brown ink on a rustic looking muslin- (I purchased this little tree stamp at Michaels last year and unfortunately I don't remember who made it).

I looked all over the internet trying to find a stocking pattern that I liked. I found this little one at McCall's. Then I took this large Cath Kidston pattern and adapted it- by making the leg skinnier.

I printed the bird right onto the muslin the same way I did this earlier project. The bird image is from Vintage Moth.

I kinda like the look of mixing the fancy trim with the humble muslin- as on the little butterfly sock. You could use gold ink if you really wanted to spiff things up- - - so many options.

more stockings to come.

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arkie said...

Such a cute new look! Great job on the stamping!

Letia said...

Seriously, you just whipped these up? You amaze me with your boundless creativity and ingenuity.

David and Amber said...

Wow stockings up before Thanksgiving. You know that really shouldn't surprise me. (0: They are beautiful. Well done.

Lee and Beth said...

They're beautiful! I love them! :)

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