Friday, March 26, 2010

Latest Thrifting Finds

Before the attack of the most-persistent- germs-ever I had a chance to do a little thrifting in Lubbock- much more fun then in my town.  I found these adorable little mushroom cups for 75 cents each. 

I love the shade of blue on this small ceramic tray (I think it was $2).  I use this dish to hold my watch, etc. on my "night stand". 

This super cute skirt was in perfect condition and fit my daughter wonderfully well.  I think it was $4.

I found a few other odds and ends- it was so FUN to have a successful thrifting day!  Some communities are so much more fun to shop in then others!!!  Oh, and I am finally feeling well again!

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Tressa said...

I came across this blog and thought of you!
You have probably already found it and made some fun things. But, in case you haven't you should check it out. :)

J. Paige said...

Yes!! That is where I found the plans for the bed hubby made- isn't it inspiring to see all the cool things people are making!!

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