Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bed is Made

Yeah!  Yippee!  Hurray!  The bed is made!!!!  My hubby made this bed, adapting these free plans slightly to accommodate our height & width preferences. 

The foot board matches the headboard- it is a little tricky for this photographically challenged person to get the king sized bed all in the photo- any by the way my walls are a dark cream- not yellow- in this room.

I did the painting and finishing.  Hint:  Save yourself bunches of time and aggravation by investing in good paint- I don't recommend Rustoleum or Ralph Lauren paint- too thin and too runny. 

I do like the Ralph Lauren finishing glaze that I had tinted with Crosby to make a nice antiquing glaze.  Home Depot is closing out their Ralph Lauren line, so mine was on sale. And FYI- in spray paints I like Krylon- my hubby says I was a tagger in an earlier life (eye roll).

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Letia said...

Nicely done. Now you need to email it to knockoffwood and add it to their bragging board.

Disney said...

Wow! Impressive, and too, too cute! And those pillows are killing me! So springy!

David and Amber said...

Well done. It is a beautiful bed. You and dad worked hard. It is special because you made it together.

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