Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making Her Doll Bunkbeds

My ten year old and her dad completed this project a few Saturdays ago.  I did help a bit with the mattresses.  Dad used scrap lumber from the shop and put together the beds.  He and sweet daughter painted them and covered them with pink fabric.  I helped by showing sweet daughter how to sew covers for the foam mattresses (just a bit of foam from the fabric store cut to size)- and she sewed all three.  We made the mattress covers just like a pillowcase, inserted the foam, and then slip stitched the ends closed.

All three dolls are tucked in cozy.  Sweet daughter believes that they feel claustrophobic and is in negotiations for some bed alterations- however, she totally enjoyed the project and I love how she had some extra fun,quality one-on-one time with dad! 

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