Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simple Sweater embellishment with crocheted lace

picture from Target
I purchased this sweater at Target last spring for $5.  It has been sitting in a to-do pile all summer and I FINALLY got to it.

I was going to add ruffles, but I already have a ruffly sweater the same color.  So, instead I used some crocheted lace from Hobby Lobby.  I used simple stitches to attach the edge of the lace and then I decided to just glue down a few places so that it's not an ironing nightmare every time I wash it.  I used Aleene's ok to wash it glue. 

I'm trying to decide if I should add some little lacy roses or just keep it simple..... The mustard yellow shirt was $12 at Stein Mart- I LOVE it- so comfy.  I think I'll watch for a sale and get another color.  This outfit just needs a skinny belt and some boots and it's good to go.

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Rissa said...

I think I need to raid your closet.

LisaD said...

So pretty!!!

Letia said...

you are so trendy! It turned out great.

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