Friday, September 17, 2010

Making Tiny Halloween Buttons

These two tiny buttons were made by doodling with cross stitch.  I think next time I'll doodle on muslin or some other fabric less likely to fray- this fabric threw a fit when I tried to attach the button backs. 

To make them- simply use the pattern on the back of your button package (vintage buttons are more fun, but the new ones work, too). 

Trace your pattern onto the fabric of your choice- doodle a design with your embroidery floss- cut out the fabric circle and follow the directions on the package to  make your buttons.  Then enjoy looking at them- or if necessary attach them to a craft or sewing project.... enjoy!

9/18/10  I linked up with tatertots and jello

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Rissa said...

So cute I think it is cool that you used candy corn to show how small they are.

Fallan said...

Cute! I like the kitty. Did you attach the buttons to anything yet?

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