Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Activity Day- Using Appropriate Language

This is a take off of the idea found on sugardoodles- using lollipops to remind the girls that their words should be sweet-

We read some quotes from Elder Holland's Talk, The Tongue of Angels from the April 2007 General Conference.  Then we made lollipops using the recipe here.  I purchased the LorAnn flavor oils from Hobby Lobby (tasted like yummy jolly rancher candy) - they have some fun flavors like rootbeer and butterscotch- the girls really liked the watermelon-  we added two drops of food coloring to each batch.  I found the candy molds and lollipop sticks online. 

One of the molds melted- causing a mess- but the girls didn't mind- that was just perfect for them to snack on while they waited for the other lollipops to cool.  The girls bagged their lollipops, tied them with a ribbon and added a little quote- we made two batches and the girls (4 of them) were tickled to have some to share with their siblings.  I didn't realize how easy it is to make lollipops- my kids have been missing out!

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