Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting the Message- Chalk Paint on Magnetic Message Board

I'm having fun with the homemade chalk paint.  I found 14 x 14 ugly metal signs at Hobby Lobby on 90% clearance- so they were $1.40 each.  I used these before for some other projects so I was happy to find them again.  I grabbed all they had. 

Here is how you make the magnetic boards:

Using homemade chalk paint- paint one or two coats of paint on the metal- no primer needed.  Let dry.

Sand off any edges and areas that you want to show to "age" the piece.

Add a coat of clear wax covering the entire surface

Let that dry and then add a coat of dark brown wax. 

Let that dry and then buff gently.

You can also make coordinating magnets.  Just glue a magnet to any small object using E6000 glue.  Let dry well.  I used vintage buttons from my stash.

Now your message board is ready to go to work- it can be used for family messages, or for a rotating display of favorite quotes and scriptures, or to show off adorable family pictures, etc.

3/28/11  I've linked up with making the world cuter here

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Rissa said...

Love it. Especially the buttons.

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