Monday, March 21, 2011

San Antonio Spa Treatment

First off- the above picture is not of my foot- it is an image off of the web- I just wanted to get your attention.  My toenails are only painted about three days of the year and I never wear foot jewelry because it clashes with my five year old flip flops.  I'm not usually a spa type person- this is mostly due to the fact that I'm a very thrifty and private person and it took me about 45 min. of my last (one and only) one hour facial to relax- I mean this total stranger was touching my face!  But the last 15 minutes felt nice.  Then I paid the bill and I wondered if it was truly worth it. 

Well, I decided to try spa d' sante while in San Antonio.  I opted for the foot rejuvenation service.  This included an herbal soak, hot stone therapy (so soothing), and paraffin wrap.  I don't think it did anything for my skin but it was really relaxing and  now I'm on the hunt for my own set of small rocks to warm up and place between my toes.  The forty-five minute service was $32.

The spa I went to was on Broadway.  It was spotlessly clean and I want to redecorate my bathroom to look just like the rooms there!
So, if you are a spa type person who is on a budget in San Antonio you may want to try one of spa d' sante's many services (I have no connection to this company and sadly (hah!) was not compensated for this public endorsement).

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