Friday, August 5, 2011

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern Links

I set up a practice- taking- pictures- shoot of a baby due any day- (I won't be good enough to actually call it a photo shoot for years) to force me to learn how to use my new camera.  The parents of this little guy are doing me a huge favor in letting me play with their newborn when they know they'll be lucky to get any worthwhile prints from the shoot- I really appreciate them for sharing their baby!

I wanted to have a few little props to up the cuteness factor of some of the pictures so I've been crocheting some hats and a cocoon.  

The elf hat pattern is here- I simplified a few things and used a half double crochet stitch instead of a full double stitch- so, my version is slightly different and chunkier.  The other hats are just half double crochet stitched in a round with extra stitches added in as needed.  There are a list of free cute crochet baby hat patterns here.  If you want to make some.  I found this etsy site if you liked to buy some.  Enjoy.


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David and Amber said...

Oh I bet both you and Nicole have a blast. I just wanted to let you know we saved those cookies for emergency only and they worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing.

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