Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make Your Own Photography Backdrop Stand

I saw something similar to this on a very expensive photography prop website.  I also saw a glimpse of a version of this on the prop junky website.  My mind started spinning and I came up with an inexpensive substitute for those very expensive ($129) backdrop stands- To make your own you will need:

portable clothes rack from Ross ($12)
curtain rings with clip attachments,
four or five 2 inch clamps from Home Depot ($1 each). 

Assemble the clothes rack as directed.  Before attaching the top cross bar slip on about ten curtain rings-on the bar where the hangers would go. Finish assembling the clothes rack.

Attach your fabric background with the curtain rings and clamp in place as needed.  Make sure that when you attach the clamps to the bars you aim them away from your model- wouldn't want to have it accidentally slip off and peg someone.... never seen that happen but I'm new and I worry about these things.  If you want the background fabric to hang straight cut it to the size of the clothes rack- if you want the fabric to drape cut it longer and wider. 

This adapted "photography stand" has wheels so it is easy to move.  It can hold several backdrops at once and those can be switched out without too much trouble- especially if you use curtain rings with clips attached (I just used what I had in my crafty junk box).

For the actual backdrops I've used curtain panels, blankets and pieces of fabric cut to size.  For a beginner with a tiny budget it works pretty well!

Oh, this won't work for a tall adult unless he's sitting--- but maybe you could use pvc pipe to make the stand taller.  Still beats the $129 price tag.

 Another item that would make a fun photo prop are these rugs at Urban Outfitters.  These would be easy (but time consuming) to make- ... I think they'd look great in a photoshoot.

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Roseanna said...

Great Idea. I will def. use this idea for a good and inexpensive stand. I'm so excited.

cclrlycreative said...

cheap shower curtin rings work great as well...I use eyelets on all my fabrics and that makes them easy to change out

J. Paige said...

thanks for sharing!

Theresa Rezler said...

I do this for my shoots but it works best with kids.Its not wide or tall enough to do adults that are over 5.5.' tall .I use material, flat sheets with clamps for backdrops and vynal floor pieces and rugs also.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea!! I have a baby girl and I'm excited to take pictures of her using your tips.

Rose Rock Photography said...

This is BRILLIANT!!! Way to go and thanks for sharing!!!

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