Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Knock and Run Treat Box

I've been working on a Halloween Knock and Run Kit.  What is a knock and run kit you ask?  Well, when I was growing up kind friends would fill a plate with goodies, set them on my doorstep, and then knock and run.  The goal was to leave the treat without getting caught.  Kids LOVE doing this.  My little goblins really get into it- they dress in dark colors and plot and plan the best way to deliver the goods with the least chance of discovery.  This little service project really gets your adrenaline going!

Normally you put together your own plate of treats before heading out to do the "happy haunting" but I thought I'd put together a little knock and run kit for a loved one.  If you want to put one together here are some ideas for the fillers:
  • cute paper plates
  • holiday ink stamps and stickers
  • tags
  • ribbon
  • sugar cookie mix
  • frosting with decorator tip
  • holiday sprinkles
  • cookie cutter
  • colorful instructions on how to knock and run
Now you can make a kit for friend!  Or if you have little ones like I do gather up a few of the items listed above and have the kids help to make some treats- then head out to so some mysterious, top secret, deliveries--- don't get caught!

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