Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Make a Bow Holder from a Picture Frame

I'm not the first to do this- not by a long shot.  However, I was so excited about how it turned out that I wanted to share it.  I've been gathering up some accessories to use in my Not-really-photo-shoot-shoots-because-I'm-not-good-enough-yet picture taking sessions and they were turning into a jumbled mess.

I looked online and found a tutorial or two- here is one of them.  I improvised.  I found a 24 inch tall picture frame with no glass at a thrift store for 3 dollars.  I spray painted the frame cream.

The frame had an ugly print on cardboard inside of it.  I traced the board onto duck cloth.  Then I sewed the side ribbons in place on the fabric.  Then I hot glued the fabric to the backing  board.  Next I hot glued the ribbons onto the board, only attaching them at the top and the bottom.  Squeeze the board back into the frame and secure.  If you are going to use a thick fabric you may need to trim down the original backing board a bit so that it will all fit back into the frame opening after the fabric and ribbons are attached. 

Attach hair clips and tie the headbands on with the side ribbons.  Much Better!

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