Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Interchangeable Headbands

I'm getting a huge stash of headbands, flowers and bows and thought I'd better come up with a way to simplify.  I decided to make some interchangeable headbands.  I went to dollar tree and bought a variety of headbands- thin, thick, different colors, etc. 

Then I went home and cut a tiny piece of bias tape-   I simply folded the bias tape ends under and sewed it onto the side of the thick headbands- making a loop- like this.

For the skinny headbands you'll need bias tape and you'll also need two felt circles and some hot glue.I folded the bias tape ends under and sewed it onto a felt circle. 

Then I placed one felt circle under the headband clip and one felt circle (with the bias tape sewed on) on top.  When I had it positioned I lifted the top circle, applied a generous amount of hot glue and pressed the top circle back in place. 

Now I can use the same headband to hold on a bunch of different bows or flowers- just attach them using the hair clip on the back of the flower and clipping it through the little loop you made with the bias tape. 

Getting the headbands at dollar tree was cheaper then buying elastic and sewing my own! Dollar Tree also had these sweet little baby hats in a variety of colors.  I grabbed a few and sewed my little bias tape loop on the side where I'd like an embellishment- and now I can add flowers and bows to them as well.  Fun!


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