Thursday, February 9, 2012

Activity Day: Homemade Chocolates

With Valentine's Day coming up I thought it would be fun to teach the activity day girls (church group of girls ages 8-11) how to make homemade chocolates.  We used the delicious billionaire chocolate recipe and this chocolate peanut butter candy recipe.  I've made the billionaire chocolates before and they were a huge hit.  Make the filling balls small (nickel size or smaller) so that after dipping in chocolate they are the perfect size- if they get too big they are a little hard to chew.

I made the billionaire filling ahead of time and rolled them up all ready to dip into chocolate.  If you run out of time doing this activity you can send these home to eat without dipping them in chocolate- they are delicious as is!

While the girls were here we made the peanut butter filling and rolled both kinds of candy in chocolate. We got chocolate EVERYWHERE.... this may go down in history as the most messy activity day EVER!

We put some of the candies into little candy cups and the girls boxed up a few of their chocolates with a ribbon to give as a gift.  The other candies were placed onto a pink paper plate.

We ran out of time. Next time I'll make both types of candy fillings ahead of time.  This will allow them to firm up in the refrigerator before dipping in the chocolate.  This advanced prep might also allow us some time to put the finished chocolates in the refrigerator for a few minutes so that the chocolate is set before the candy needs to be transported home-we ended up sending home some very unique and interesting looking mounds of chocolate- but the girls were thrilled with their results.

For our spiritual message we talked about how important it is to follow directions when making a recipe.  We talked about how important it is to follow directions in life.  We discussed how we can find the directions we need in the scriptures, from our leaders, and from our parents.  We talked about My Gospel Standards and how they are a great "recipe" for life.  It was a yummy fun day although it destroyed my healthy eating plan for the day!

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