Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Product Reviews

I thought I'd share a two more wonderful products.  First, my husband put in a new disposal and this thing is awesome.  It can chew up anything.  It is the waste king L-8000 legend series 1.0 horsepower disposal.  It's a  nice kitchen upgrade that gobbles up all the carrot peelings when my husband makes me carrot juice... he's amazing.

Other products I love are the school uniforms from academy sport.  I LOVE school uniforms.  It takes the kids three seconds to get dressed for school, no tears and no stress (unless I forgot to wash them).  

At first I purchased their uniforms at Target.  I tried the Cherokee and the Circo brands.  Those brands didn't fall apart or get torn.  It's just that we have the world's hardest well water.  Every time I washed those clothes it was like they were getting sand blasted.  After two or three washes they looked like they had been well, sand blasted- like the clothes were fifteen years old, faded, ratty, ick.

This year we tried the Austin brand of clothes from Academy.  They were a little more expensive up front but somehow they have survived the sand blasting laundry much better and after six months are still looking pretty good!  But I need to buy some more today because Junior seems to have grown three inches and his little ankles are starting to stick out :o)

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Amber said...

I'm glad you found clothing that can survive washing.(o; It is a whole new world to have clothes coming out looking the same wash after wash. (0:

J. Paige said...

I bet you are loving soft water!

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