Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Activity Day: Service at the Park

Our church has adopted a local park to keep clean.  Does your community do that?  An organization "adopts" a park, or a strip of highway, etc. The city puts up a little sign saying who is keeping that piece of real estate looking nice.

Well, anyhow, for activity day (church group for girls ages 8-11) we decided to take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and head to our park.  For a service project we picked up litter.

We decided to add another little service project to our day by making peanut butter and bird seed feeders (picture from  craft jr. blog- see above link- I forgot to bring my camera).  We gathered at a picnic table and did our little "craft".  After covering the pine cones with peanut butter we rolled them in bird seed that we had spread onto a cookie sheet. The girls took home their birdie goodies to hang up in a tree at home.  That way they can see the birds nibbling on their treat.  Here is a link to another bird treat recipe.

Of course, we couldn't be outside in the sunshine without blowing some bubbles and playing on the swings and slides.  This was a very easy activity with very little prep time and an entertaining way for the girls to give service to the community.

For this activity you'll need:

garbage bags
plastic gloves
hand sanitizer

peanut butter
bird seed
butter knives
paper towels to clean up sticky peanut butter



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Marissa @ Glass Slippers and Combat Boots said...

Adorable idea! I would love to use this in my classroom someday. I think the second birdseed craft (that you provided the link to) would be an adorable Mother's Day gift for kids at school or church to make. :)

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