Monday, March 26, 2012

Make a Small Textured Photography Backdrop

Try to ignore the precious princess above and check out the fantastic textured backdrop used behind her.  I LOVE it!  I'm going to dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back because I made it and it only cost two dollars!!!  You can make one too- it's super simple!

Here are the easy to follow (I hope) directions:
Purchase a foam board and a package of tissue paper- I found mine at Dollar Tree.  You'll also need matte finished mod podge and a foam brush.

Tear up a single layer of tissue paper into random sized pieces about six inches wide, wad the pieces of tissue up into a tiny ball to make wrinkles and crinkles.

Gently unfold your paper wads.  Smear your foam board with mod podge- painting it onto one small section at a time.  Then press your wrinkled tissue paper onto the board making sure that the edges are glued down well.

Keep layering mod podge and wrinkled paper until you reach the look you are going for.  I wanted something very subtle so I added several layers of tissue paper.  If you want bold lines and edges that clearly show where the tissue paper is overlapping just apply a thin layer of tissue paper.  Place your board on a flat surface and allow to dry.  If the foam board curls up on the corners set weights onto each corner to help flatten it back out.

When it is all dry flip over your foam board and use a second color of tissue paper to make a backdrop on the backside. I want to try again using gold tissue paper, and then a floral print, etc., etc.  If you shop at Dollar Tree you can spend 3$ (add some mod podge) and end up with two delightful backdrops.

Obviously, this will make a very small backdrop suitable for close ups and for photographing babies or toddlers.  However you could join two boards together and make a larger backdrop... so many options : )
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Anonymous said...

AWESOME IDEA! LUV IT! Thank you for sharing.

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