Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Embellished T-shirt #3

Once again I was inspired by a J.Crew shirt (and no, I am not affiliated with that company in any way :o) ) this shirt gave me an idea. I'm not a glittery girl in most cases so this is the conservative, grandma version of the above T (with just a little bling). Again, I found a great deal on a t-shirt at Kohls and a few sequins, seed beads and faux pearls later I have my version of the glitter T.

I know they are very different, but that is the fun of creating- you get to craft as you sing, "I did it my way!"

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arkie said...

Love the look of your shirts! Such cute designs! I would expect to see them in stores!

Rissa said...

Haha. Are you going red?

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